you trying to make harry feel better when he’s feeling down

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maybe you didn't think of something or maybe just didn't want to say, but what is the backstory to why in the last imagine she was so terrified of thunder? btw I think you're amazing and I love you and you're writing it's awesome

aww baby thank you so much xx

well i was thinking that maybe she was afraid because she got raped this one time she was outside. after prom her date tried to get her to have sex with him but when she refused he forced her and then left her alone. and it was raining and there was thunder. so that’s why she;s been so terrified of it 

love you too xx

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Hi! Could you write me a imagine with Harry? My name is Emina, I have green eyes and brown hair. Could you write something about that he makes me mad for some reason, and I don't want to talk to him. He tries to talk, kiss and hug me but I just walk away. When we're sleeping later, I woke up by the sound of rain and thunder outside the window. When I see a light I start to cry because I hate thunders, so I wake up Harry, and you can make up the rest! Thank you love! :) ♥

allright love, sorry i kind of changed the story around a bit, i hope you don’t mind x

'no harry i don't want to hear it' you scream, ' this isn't the first time it happened and you know it.'.. you're too mad even to cry. he kissed her! INFRONT OF ME. you don't know what to think anymore. 'listen Em please.. i didn't mean to, i thought you were her'.. yeah right excuses excuses….. 'besides i was drunk and she came down on me „ i swear i thought you were her..' harry whimpers. 'please listen to me' he tries to hold your hands, clearly seeing that you're hurt. 'stop harry, i just can't..' you reply.. 'this isnt the first time, i need a moment, just please go'.. he does not give up but forcefully hugs you.. looking you in the eyes he says 'believe me.. i swear em please' he leans in for a kiss that you stop midway. you look away coldly and say 'just go'.. he just stares at you, expression changing from something unexplainable to clearly anger.. 'why the fuck do i have to leave, this is my apartment' his voice floats.. you look stunned.. guilt and regret immediately flashes across his eyes… 'i'm sorry em, i didn't mean that i'm so sorry'.. he manages to say.. you do not reply as tears begin to form„ he tries to speak again and gives up.. the door slams as he leaves the room…

**that night**

you just got back home from visiting Eleanor. she said you could stay at theirs but you didn’t wanna cause any trouble. Louis and El had enough on their plate already. as you make way to the room that harry and you shared, you realise the door had been left open. so yeah harry was back. your thoughts became clouded with sadness as the events that happened earlier replayed in your mind. maybe he was right, maybe you were overthinking? you sigh.. you look over to harry, he is sound asleep. he sleeps so beautifully.. ‘stop getting distracted’ you tell yourself. guess you’re going to have to sleep in the spare room. it’s been ages since the last time you slept there. you grab your pillow. its something close to your heart. weird ey?.. but you cannot sleep without it. you swiftly make your way out of the room, giving harry one last look. 


as you try to make yourself comfortable in the unfamiliar bed, the thoughts of harry are already clouding your mind. how could he do this.. how could he do that again.. you feel yourself becoming frustrated.. does he not care? but the frustration was taken over by an overwhelming sadness. you miss him beside you. you miss his warmth. you miss.. him. something flashes outside.. and was followed by the sound of thunder. ‘oh shit’ there was going to be a storm tonight. you bite your lip. you can handle gore, scary movies, people getting cut up.. but thunder? that’s a whole other situation. thunder terrifies you. it always had since.. well you didn’t want to think of that night. its getting worse. there is no way you could go to sleep now. usually during these nights harry is besides you, cuddling you, stroking your back, whispering how everything is okay.. he knows what happened that night, he knows why you’re afraid of thunder.. and he. he has been there when the scenes replayed in your head every stormy night when you cried yourself to sleep. you feel your body shivering, making you feel extra cold. your knuckles had gone white and stiff.. you feel your breathing getting heavier as tears make their way on to your pillow. you needed harry, you wanted him to put his arms around you to make it better. to kiss you on the lips and say ‘i’m here’… but too late now. he’s asleep and you two aren’t on good terms. you snuggle in closer to your pillow. it had already become damp from your tears. you cover your head with the blanket. you did not want to see the lightning. and the thunder had already replayed the worst of your memories in your head. 

a strong arm wraps around your small body, slowly caressing your back. ‘sshhhhh, it’s okay baby, its allright’ a deep voice whispers in your ear, carefully removing the blanket from around your head. he brings you even closer to his chest and kisses your forehead. ‘its nothing okay, nothing can hurt you. i won’t let it’.. you continue to sob, wrapping your arm around his body. you wanted to be as close to him as possible. he strokes your hair. his scent is overwhelming and takes your mind off the past. the past you did not want to think about. he brings your face closer to his, tracing your cheek. ‘i’m sorry baby, i am’ he manages to say before leaning in to kiss your lips. his familiar touch was something you needed. specially now. 


he most defs would

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here’s a sexy one for yall

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hi ammm i got my first broken heart and i was wondering that if u could make me an imagine of me and harry a romantic one please i need this more than u could think he played with me and i just need th elove of the directioners and my boys , i hope u could read this and understand and make me the most romatic imagine of me and harry ever , I will be waiting for your answer :)

hey sweetie i hope you’re doing well xxx and this is just for you

- you barge into the apartment that you and harry shared. he’s your absolute best friend and the two of you shared everything since childhood. that’s exactly the reason he asked you to stay with him till you finish university in london. harry is an amazing person and you could do with a hug from him right now. you’re head is about to explode and tears are rolling down your face. harry was right. of course he was. but you just needed a break from everything. a distraction.. little you knew that it would turn out to be like that. you want to take a shower, but at the same time you just need a blanket around yourself and think everything over. you make yourself comfortable on the bed, cuddling the huge teddybear that harry had won for you at the fair. you smile at his familiar scent. but at the same time it makes you cry a little. you’re unsure of these strange feelings you’re having towards harry. ’ no y/n, he’ll never think of you like that’ you tell yourself. sure, fans are ALWAYS shipping the two of  you. and he always gets asked about you guys in almost every interview, but he brushes them off like he always does. in a way you don’t want him to. you want him to tell the world that he’s yours, but the thing is he’s not. you sigh.

'heeyyy y/nn are you here?' harry's voice floats. 'can i come in love?' without waiting for you to answer he walks into your room. you must have looked like a mess, since his expression was somewhat surprised. without saying anything he gets underneath the blankets with you, wrapping his arms around you and pulling your head towards his chest. you give in, light sniffles escaping from your mouth. he strokes your back. you feel safe and secure in his lean arms. ' you wanna tell me what happened?' he asks. breathing into your hair. 'oh you know, the usual haz,' you reply. 'says  he wants me to meet his friends, take me to his place and yeah voila.. turns out i was another prize he managed to get on the bed.' .. 'oh god, i……' harry started to talk but you don't let him finish. ' no harry don't. i know you said i should be careful.. i don't want to hear it again.. please' 

'that's not what i was going to say at all' he breathes. 'i was going to say that i'm sorry for not being there for you, i swear i will fucking kill him y/n'.he'll not see you again, i won't let it' his voice is rising making you smile . 'aw haz you're making me blush a little' you managed to punch his chest  causing him to laugh.  'i'm serious though, i won't let anyone hurt you again and you have no idea how angry i am at myself right now for not being there' he strokes your arm. you look at him. 'haz… you don't..' he hushes you cupping your face with both his hands. 'yes i do.. and you know why i told you he's bad news? and why i told ashton that you were a lesbian when he asked me if he could take you out….' you cut him off„ 'YOU TOLD ASHTON I WAS A LESBIAN?' he calms you down and tell you to listen, 'it wasn't because i knew the fucker was  bad news, i just couldn't bear the thought of you being with someone else.. i'm sorry it has taken this long but i can't take it anymore. you may not feel the same way about me, but i just want you to know that it's been you, it's always been you. why i can't be in a relationship, why i can't seem to like any girl i take out. that's because you y/n, you're always on my mind. i didn't want to say this earlier because i didn't want to ruin our friendship. i miss you when you're not here, i get worried when i don't hear from you even for five minutes and i like seeing you happy. what i like more than seeing my sexy self in the mirror is seeing you laugh at my stupid jokes.' he looks at your shocked expression. you're glad the fact he's holding you or else you would have dropped to the floor on the spot. ' i'm sorry its alot for you to take in yeah? but yeah i want you to know, that you make me go mental..and i've never done this before so i don't really know how to word it out' he looks at you, almost sadly. you stare at him, still in shock. you manage to smile and take his hand in yours. 'harry…..' you couldn't finish your sentence as your tears get the better off you. he wraps his arms around you, rocking you gently.  you manage to look up at him still unable to say anything but leans in. you're lips brushing his. you feel his smile yet your eyes are closed. he cups your face again, this time kissing you gently..without breaking the kiss you manage to touch his chest. he takes that as a signal and gently pushes you over. he's hovering over you, still managing not to break the kiss. his sweet taste is lingering on your lips, making you feel all sorts of things. butterflies in your stomach were trying to escape free and you feel as if you are in a trance. your fingers travel up his shirt, his neck and finally to his curls. you run your fingers through them, making him moan a little. his tounge exploring every inch of your mouth. you break off the kiss and look him adoringly. his beautiful eyes were a new shade of green. ' we have alot to say to each other yeah?' you whimper.. he kisses your temple.. 'i don't but seems like you do' he whispers against your ear, sending shivers throughout your body. you smile and run your hand up his shirt. you pull his necklace to lower his lips towards yours. 'that can wait' you whisper.image